We’re a team of experienced copywriters and content strategists, constantly looking for the next big project to challenge ourselves with. Our drive comes from Avion’s founder and director, Natalie Khoo, who has been growing the business for more than a decade in Melbourne, Australia.

Being the best at what we do is important to us, which is why you’ll often see our friendly faces at industry events around Melbourne. It’s also why we’re passionate about sharing knowledge amongst our team and clients – through our content marketing workshops.

What we do

As a dedicated content marketing agency, we work with a range of clients, including SMEs, corporations, agencies and internal marketing teams. We empower in-house content teams, lead workshops, curate content marketing strategies, nurture ongoing content creation and conduct content audits. In short, we can drive the overall content strategy of any project and coordinate all the pieces of your marketing puzzle.

We have skills across a number of tasks and projects; here are some of our favourite things to do:

  • Web copywriting
  • Content strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Conversation design

You can check out more on our services page.

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Our Values

What we believe in

As a team, we have chosen five core values that drive us. Not only do they define our workplace culture, but they also underpin ‘how ‘and ‘why’ we do what we do.


We firmly believe that good decisions are guided by strong moral principles. We are ethical, honest, hardworking and inclusive.


Whether with clients, colleagues, or people we’ve just met, we demonstrate empathy, humanity and kindness in all our actions.


We embrace challenges with a smile and always think the glass is half full. Instead of focusing on problems, we strive for solutions.

Making a difference

Everything we do contributes to the kind of world we wish to live in. We are engaged, open-minded and informed.


We possess a passion for problem solving that applies big-picture thinking, peer-to-peer collaboration, and attention to detail.

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