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For insurance content, whether you’re writing answers to FAQs or nailing product specifics, you need a sharp eye for detail, SEO nous and a smart grasp of a brand’s DNA and style. Understanding the importance of careful wording and compliant content cannot be understated. That’s why web projects as multilayered as this always require ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.’

We worked closely with the team at AAMI to create content for new product and category pages, working on: market stall insurance and car insurance product details – as well as health insurance FAQs. We used clear and engaging writing to ease customer pain-points. And through this, we were able to build valuable new content while ensuring accuracy and consistency across multiple projects.


Utilising tools like Confluence and Jira, we developed an effective working protocol to deliver our SEO and OX-led web content across car, health, and public liability insurance. It was essential to write with compliance in mind — a unique challenge for financial services writing. Getting product details wrong and failing AAMI customers was simply not an option, which is why our Avion eagle eyes really came to the fore.

AAMI could rely on us to create web copy to engage customers at various stages of their journey and life stages, all in a fun, fresh (sometimes cheeky) and consistent brand voice. To do that required us to work fluidly across Marketing, Product, and OX and refer to our learnings through each stage of the project.


Offering clear solutions for AAMI customers while accurately presenting product details in a simple, relatable voice had its challenges. It involved great project management skills and an ability to communicate quickly and openly at every stage of the process. Pushed live in July 2017, we’re proud to have successfully contributed on a range of AAMI key deliverables.



“The Avion team dealt with a vast array of content types from FAQs to product descriptions, they are extremely adaptable and easy to deal with. I’m always impressed with their speed and willingness to tackle anything. They run with the full production process from research to approvals. Great writers you can rely on to deliver. Love their work!”
Belinda Daw – Online Content Production Lead

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