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IODM copywriting for Cloud Solutions


At Avion, we love emerging technology. So when IODM – a publicly-listed fintech company solution – came to us looking for a copywriter, we couldn’t believe our luck.

But, the opportunity came with challenges. IODM offers 3 slightly different SAAS debtor management solutions: corporate, desktop and cloud. Each solution empowers customers to achieve the same goal. How do we convert customers, and then help them choose?


Sure, one’s for desktop, one’s for cloud and one’s for corporate. That much is obvious. But the last thing IODM wanted to do was rabbit on about technical features and repeat itself, again, and again, and again.

Our approach was to hone in on the different types of customers that would use the platform – and then identify the challenges that each of them face. For example:

  • a corporate customer is likely to be dealing with the archaic roadblocks that come with implementing change at a large organisation
  • a desktop customer is likely to be small business owner worried about time spent on administration and cashflow
  • a cloud customer is likely to be a mid-sized organisation that is switched on, but stuck with legacy systems and/or unsure how to initiate change.

Copywriting for IODM features

Zeroing in on the needs of different audiences


Our copywriters crafted key selling points (at brand level and solutions level) that got different audiences nodding. We’re proud to have delivered inspiring messaging that explained the differences between platforms with a human focus, not a technical one.

Since rolling out the new copy across its website, IODM has seen 30% increase in website traffic.

IODM has been so pleased with our work that we’ve since been commissioned to develop content for other assets, such as the IODM Style Catalogue.

IODM style guide excerpt

Creating on-brand copy for the IODM Style Catalogue

“Finding technical copywriters that can articulate a brands message is challenging to find. The team at Avion sets the benchmark high, delivering impressive quality content. Their seamless service and expert advice has made working on projects so much easier. We love their work!”
Alyssa Gutierrez – Marketing & Operations, IODM Limited

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