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At Avion, we love working with clients who believe in putting the planet first. When we had the opportunity to work with 350.org we jumped at it, as it was the perfect meeting of hearts and minds.

350.org Australia is part of one of the world’s largest groups promoting efforts against global warming. Using grassroots activism along with clear and powerful messaging, 350.org has successfully positioned itself as a thought leader in the fight against climate change.

In the lead up to the May 2019 Australian Federal election, 350.org approached Avion with a clear intention – to make climate change the number one issue of the election. To help 350.org accomplish this important and worthwhile campaign goal, we worked on crafting messages for use throughout their online networks.

With the power of storytelling in mind, we created a content bank to help 350.org spread the message on the effects of climate change, making it a focus in people’s minds come election day.


For 350.org’s content bank to be impactful, we needed to tell powerful stories that people could connect with. To do this, we approached four climate change leaders, all with a different perspective to give on pressing climate issues.

We worked directly with Melissa Wellham from 350.org to track down stand-out interviewees whose views on global warming would resonate with others. We also looked to our own connections, approaching leaders at Sustainability Victoria to provide their outlook on local climate issues.

From these four in-depth one-hour interviews, we created engaging and bite-sized blog, eDM and social media content to encourage readers to dig deeper into 350.org’s ‘Vote 1.5’ campaign. We also used this content to drive interest for their topical documentary film, ‘Accelerate’.

All four of our final interviewees – a student activist, the Mayor of Hobart, Sustainability Victoria’s Communications Director, and a solar energy warrior – provided impressive insights to help make climate change the number one election issue. They were also able to provide actionable steps for everyone to follow in the fight to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.


In the lead up to the 2019 Federal election, Avion put together a total of three eDMs to be sent out to 350.org’s mailing list. To support these eDMs, we also crafted four blog posts and a dozen social media posts.

The structure of the content bank allowed 350.org to strategically draw upon this material to suit their specific campaign goals leading up to the election.

“Avion Communications added much-needed extra capacity, communications planning and copy-writing skills to our team during the middle of a busy campaign. They seemed to intuitively understand our style guide, and the balance an advocacy-based not-for-profit seeks to strike between compelling storytelling and calls for action.”
Melissa Wellham – Communications and Digital Lead of 350.org

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