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Selfmade is a Melbourne-based FinTech startup founded by Robin Huender. They’ve set out to disrupt the superannuation industry by using technology to tackle some of the administrative and compliance needs of self-managed super funds (SMSF) in Australia.

We worked with our friends at Butterfly to develop the content for Selfmade’s amazing website, as well as their content marketing.


Starting at square one, our team met with Butterfly and the client to strategically select a suitable brand name. In workshop discussions, we collaboratively decided on the name ‘Selfmade’ – reflecting the ‘self-managed’ aspect of SMSF, and the idea that people have the power to create their own financial future.

Next, we ran a content strategy workshop with the Selfmade team to nut out how the brand would be positioned, key messaging and the type of language we’d use to communicate to audiences. Then, we created SEO-optimised webcopy for the site and a series of emails (EDMs) to support the registration process.

To build up SEO value for the site, we penned more than 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) to answer initial queries people might have about the industry and the product.

We also created content calendars and brainstormed topics for Selfmade’s blog. And we wrote ad copy, social media posts and emails. We were able to shape and grow the brand voice and personality across different channels from the beginning – which, for a copywriter, is a dream come true!


The result of our creative conceptual work on the brand is a crisp, snappy website that celebrates the possibilities of SMSFs and encourages readers to register an account. There’s also a comprehensive amount of information on the SMSF industry collated into FAQs that helps readers make an informed decision.

Selfmade also launched their innovative online platform in September 2018. The platform is designed to help people setup and maintain their self managed super fund (SMSF) online in minutes, and continue to see how their investments are performing – anytime, anywhere.


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