100 pages proofread
3 CMS programs managed
3 days onsite


Building a great website can be like playing Jenga. Things may appear stable on the outside – but move one piece and an entire tower can fall apart. That’s why complex website projects require eagle eyes – to proofread and test that every function works in unison, just like it should.

We worked onsite at GIO to audit, test and proofread its new website prior to going live. We carefully went through every page of the test site to compare it against working wireframes. We also made notes of any bugs and inconsistencies that need fixing. There were approximately 100 pages all up.


GIO’s previous website design 


Using Confluence, Axure and Google Spreadsheets, we kept track of changes and discrepancies in a manner that could be easily accessed by many stakeholders, and showed a clear path of action. With critical errors addressed and fixed, GIO could roll the website out to market with confidence.


Comparing the GIO test site against working wireframes


Proofreading and testing a website of this scale was a big job and we had only a few days to work with. With just one copywriter on deck, we completed testing in less time than expected. Pushed live in July 2016, we’re proud to be part of the team which created the new GIO website – and the fact it launched smoothly and typo-free.

“Jay came into our office at a busy time close to GIO launch and was able to take a lead on proofreading with no fuss. The process added great value to our testing phase and has now become standard procedure. Jay worked well with our team and efficiently completed an important task, which we would struggle to find time for. With fresh eyes he also found issues we never would have!”
Paul Foster – Program Manager, eCommerce Customer Sales

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