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headspace came to us to create accessible, entertaining, informative blog posts on an ongoing basis.

At Avion, we’re experts at crafting content to engage specific audiences. We helped headspace by delivering blogs for their two primary audience segments: 12–25 year-olds experiencing mental health challenges, and their friends and family.

Some of these blogs were tailored for young people with particular vulnerabilities to poor mental health, including LGBTIQA+ youth and young men.

headspace has a range of services – from online counseling to centres for in-person clinical support. In creating content, we aimed to:

  • support young people at the mild end of the poor mental health spectrum
  • provide a ‘soft entry’ for young people with more chronic challenges, and direct them to further mental health support services
  • educate young people, their friends and family about mental health.


We began with a series of workshops where we learnt headspace’s goals, audience and brand voice. Together we brainstormed a number of potential blog topics, targeting five key audience niches: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, LGBTIQA+ young people, culturally and linguistically diverse young people, young men, and the friends and family of young people.

Creating content on an ongoing basis, we continue to work closely with headspace to ensure every blog article speaks to its target audience and achieves its purpose.

One of the challenges of this project is to communicate psychological advice in ways that connect to young people. For each blog, we worked closely with headspace’s marketing and clinical teams from inception to the final product. With a project like this, producing content that’s non-judgmental, inclusive and sensitive to issues faced by the primary audience (young people) is very important.

Having worked in a collaborative manner with headspace before, we utilised GatherContent to facilitate a seamless feedback, revisions and approvals process. This allowed for all stakeholders – across headspace’s clinical, marketing and ‘young people’ teams – to easily comment and provide input.


To date, we’ve delivered over 50 blogs for the new, revitalised headspace website. We’ve also helped them to engage with a wider audience and better champion a variety of subjects to educate hundreds of readers.

“It’s an absolute pleasure working with the Avion team. Their ability to deliver copy that lives and breathes headspace’s brand values – being helpful and embracing diversity and inclusiveness – is second-to-none. The blogs they produce are high quality, informative and engaging, and most important of all, they speak to young people experiencing mental health challenges across a range of difficult subjects. I’m more than happy to recommend Avion and their copywriting services.”
Antonio Greer – Digital Advisor for headspace

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