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“I want a revision process that doesn’t bottleneck with one person reconciling feedback.” With this all-too-common challenge addressed at the planning stages of this content refresh project, we were able to propose a solution that would  reduce the time to sign off .

Through our unique process, we were able to work closely with headspace’s clinical team, youth representatives and marketing team to update its clinical content. The result is content that’s more accessible and digestible to the young audience it exists to serve.


To avoid the arduous task of getting sign-off from seven subject matter experts, risking conflicting feedback and precarious version control, we proposed a series of feedback workshops with subject matter experts (SMEs).

Comprising headspace’s clinicians and representatives from its youth reference group, the SMEs reviewed batches of our redrafted content ahead of each workshop. During the workshops, we projected the documents up on the big screen and ran through each page line by line.

This opportunity allowed us to compare each SME’s feedback and workshop new alternatives where required – achieving complete sign-off by the end of each workshop. Importantly, the content was able to meet the clinical requirements, as well as gain approval from the youth representatives.


Not only did this revision process cut down on the traditional drawn-out approach, it was also a valuable chance for us to identify opportunities and strengthen our ongoing content activities with headspace. And therefore implement a real-time strategy to delve deeper into certain ideas by linking to new blog content.

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