30,000 pages audited
25 wireframes designed
1000 pages written


Information Technology was the first faculty to rework its website as part of the 2012 Monash University web redevelopment project. The site was transformed from a convoluted 30,000-pages to a clear 1000-page site that met the users’ needs.


From conception to completion, Natalie was the lead content strategist, writer and editor in-house for this project. She spearheaded redevelopment and wireframe design – while balancing recommendations by digital agency Precedent and the requests of multiple stakeholders across various departments.


Over 12 months, Natalie sweated over spreadsheets, heat maps, audits and analytics reports (in addition to copywriting) to finally deliver an outcome the university was happy with.


The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) actively pursues innovative and multi-disciplinary research, addressing important challenges in the 21st century. We have spent some time considering our research strengths and, consistent with the University themes, we have identified five key research priorities. Under each priority area we have grouped projects, with which our researchers are engaged, under more specific themes.  As you traverse through the priorities you will see that most have a relationship to our research centres, which function as important research hubs addressing key challenges in IT.

Some of the most exciting research occurs at the intersections of these priorities. Research projects and initiatives in FIT which occur at these intersections, e.g. at the nexus between Social Inclusion and Cultural Heritage, or Social Inclusion and Health and Well Being, are listed under both priority areas and cross-referenced.

IT researchers combine strengths across IT fields and leverage the collective knowledge into a wide variety of applications across disciplines.  Navigate through the priorities below to see what projects our researchers are currently involved in or use the search feature to look for a specific researcher or key word.


The Faculty of IT addresses important challenges in the 21st century by actively pursuing innovative and multi-disciplinary research across a wide range of disciplines.

Consistent with Monash University’s goals, we have identified five key research priorities. Within each of these, we have grouped projects under more specific themes. Some of our most exciting research happens where these priorities intersect.

“Thanks for all of your amazing work. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help make it happen.”
Andrew Gibson – Strategic Engagement, Monash University

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