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Scoot Education is an industry-leading teacher placement agency with ambitious plans to grow rapidly across the US over the next five years. An integral part of making this happen is increasing brand awareness and engagement with teachers and schools.

But how can a small business achieve reach and frequency with limited resources?

Unsure about where to aim and fire, Scoot commissioned Avion to conduct research and planning that would empower its already-stretched marketing team to get the most ROI from its efforts – without reinventing the wheel. The goal was to give Scoot more certainty about what content marketing activities it could focus on.


Avion’s priorities included documenting customer profiles, customer journeys and content pillars. Compiling this information would enable Scoot to create content that was effective in fostering community and showcasing market leadership.

To kick things off, Avion listed what information it required from Scoot to do a review. We then married this data with independent desk research. Avion combed through relevant assets including:

  • the Scoot website and blog
  • activity on Scoot’s social media channels
  • Google Analytics data
  • profiles of industry influencers on Instagram.

Avion then facilitated two stakeholder workshops at Scoot’s office in Los Angeles to fill in the gaps, followed by further research on-site. These involved additional chats with staff members, as well as exploration of:

  • past comms and metrics in two CRM systems
  • other internal marketing documents.

Nat on Scoot Education strategy


After a deep dive, the Avion team was able to articulate Scoot’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Most interestingly, Avion was able to highlight several quick wins that Scoot could implement almost immediately without necessarily creating significantly more work. The report we provided not only listed 4 key strategies, but also listed action items for every tactic so that Scoot could roll out each of the strategies over time.

Overall, our content strategy report gave Scoot a big-picture view of what it could be doing better. Further to this, the report also documented insights such as testimonials, knowledge gained from time spent with teachers and schools, social media data and Google Analytics. With this information in one place, Scoot is now better placed to share and analyse marketing strategies as a team.

“From the start of working with Avion, Natalie went above and beyond to outline the expectations and deliverables of our project. Natalie and the Avion team poured themselves into learning the ins and outs of Scoot Education and delivered a very detailed and insightful list of quick wins and recommendations that demonstrated their understanding of my business, level of preparation, and thoughtfulness of final product. It was very helpful to have so many creative specialists across SEO, SEM, content development, marketing strategy, and more, under one roof at Avion.”
James Sanders - CEO of Scoot Education

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