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The Churchill Club is a forum that promotes the development and adoption of emerging technologies in Victoria. We were excited to work with them because we love their fascinating monthly panel events. Plus, one of the faces on their board looks very familiar.

The non-profit’s CEO Bec Kempster asked us to help with four key objectives for the organisation:

  • boost brand awareness
  • improve event awareness
  • attract more members
  • improve sponsorship engagement.

Our challenge was to create a brand strategy that would help the Churchill Club take Victoria into the future.


If two heads are better than one, a whole team of copywriters and strategists putting their heads together is incredible. In January, six members of the Avion team had a full-day hackathon with Bec to nut out some ideas for the Churchill Club.

First, we listened to Bec’s overview of the current state of play and what she wanted to achieve. We then bombarded her with questions about what the Churchill Club wants to say, who it wants to speak to and approaches it’s taken in the past.

In this kind of process, it pays to be a lot more interested in problems than solutions. Things that look like challenges can be just what you need to get outside the box.

After a brainstorm, we split into two groups to focus on developing different parts of the strategy. We’re a diverse team with different ways of thinking and writing. Every combination creates a unique dynamic that’s more than the sum of its parts.


The Churchill Club now has a comprehensive marketing strategy for the next year.

“We came away from the day with a clear understanding of our brand elevator pitch, value proposition for each of our key audience groups, website audit, social media strategy and a number of concepts for member and event promotions. The collective talent of the team at Avion is impressive and I look forward to working with them again soon as we start to implement and review the strategy. ”
Bec Kempster – CEO of The Churchill Club

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