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We love sharing complex information in simple, entertaining ways. So when Tick Homes came to us looking for informative blogs with a quirky tone, we were in our element.

Tick Homes is a new homebuilder that caters to first home buyers. Our goal was to break down the home buying process for millennials – and improve the SEO of the Tick Homes website at the same time.


We kicked off with a deep dive into the Tick Homes brand at a workshop with its team. After getting the lowdown on what the client was about – making the home buying process easy – we established five content pillars:

  • Home ownership need-to-knows
  • Financial guidance
  • The pitfalls of renting
  • The process of buying your first home
  • Home design

Each of these themes covered a lot of territory, so we decided to approach each them from three different angles:

  • Informative (what)
  • Educational (why)
  • Practical (how)

Though each article appears separately, it was important for SEO and Tick’s brand that they were connected by links between them and their tone.

We had to strike a balance between being informative and engaging, so we developed a voice that was fun as well as professional. We also had to distil complex, technical information – like the details of the First Home Owner’s Grant – into a digestible format that was actually enjoyable to read.


We sent the first five blogs to Tick Homes early on for comments. This groundwork streamlined the writing of the next ten blogs.

When we decided on an order of publication for the pieces, we made sure to mix up the content pillars so there was variety from piece to piece.

Tick is a thriving homebuilder with a meaningful, search engine optimised blog hub.

Tick Home blog page

“Working with Avion was an absolute breeze. In preparing for the launch of our housing brand, Tick Homes, we wanted to bring to life the right tone and language in educating our target market – first home buyers. Avion were able to successfully curate fresh, engaging and high quality content in what is often a clouded and highly conservative property industry. Natalie and Ben’s commitment and proactiveness is testament to Avion’s professionalism and desire to deliver a fully tailored solution. I cannot recommend Avion highly enough.”
Andrew Le – Brand Manager of Resimax Group

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