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18 months
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Before the Staff Hub project, the University of Melbourne’s staff information was spread across all of the University’s different schools. They approached us with the ambitious task of collating all this information into one central Staff Hub for the entire University.


Over the course of 18 months we worked closely with hundreds of stakeholders within the University to audit all existing information, create the Staff Hub’s new information architecture, and write thousands of pages in Word and Gather Content software.

The University underwent a period of considerable change throughout this project, so we managed to work seamlessly with four different project managers and shifting stakeholder needs.



Ultimately the new Staff Hub was extremely successful and resulted in a 400% increase in page views per month, clarity of information, and cohesion across the University of Melbourne’s many schools.


“Avion’s support through this transformative project at the University was amazing. The way they responded and evolved to the demands of hundreds of stakeholders over a long period of immense change within the organisation was unwavering and incredibly professional.

Time and time again they provided high quality content and advice while showing great patience and fortitude in the face of a very difficult project. Avion’s commitment and flexibility allowed the project team at the University to respond to the individual priorities of each stakeholder to provide a tailored approach that suited their needs.

We simply couldn’t have completed this project without Avion’s support.”
Andy Marasa – University of Melbourne, Prospect and Communications

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