February 13, 2015 China’s booming digital landscape

February 2015 newsletter

It feels like just last month that we were wishing you a happy New Year – but here we go again: happy Chinese New Year!

While Natalie is off to Singapore to celebrate with her family, here in the Melbourne office, we’ve been thinking about the current digital landscape in Asia.

Most people know that the relationship between China and unrestricted internet access is an interesting one. Popular western websites are frequently unavailable to visit, and what was a restriction on Gmail last year is a Google-wide restriction this year.

Despite this, the digital landscape continues to boom in China:

• According to Forbes, the number of Chinese internet users is set to reach 730 million people by next year.

• Chinese sites – like e-commerce giant Alibaba – are making a huge impact in the international market.

• The demand for smartphones and tablets is huge: Xiaomi (‘China’s Apple’) sold 61 million phones in 2014, and research shows that Xiaomi users spend almost 10 per cent more time using apps than Apple users.

This boom in Chinese internet users means companies across the globe would be wise to consider the Chinese market when designing and writing their web content. Next year, the number of Chinese internet users will be more than thirty times the total population of Australia. Expanding into China is a great way to facilitate business successes.

What does this mean for a team of website copywriters in Melbourne? At Avion, we’ve recently been helping businesses – like Really Group – to create content that is engaging in English, but simple enough to translate effectively. How well does your content translate?

Till next month…

Best wishes, Alexandra and the Avion team.

P.S.: Natalie is back at work Monday 2 March.

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