November 3, 2014 How to write a proposal that a company will want to read

By Natalie Khoo

Why you?

Start out by explaining why you’re the right company for the job, or the right person to represent their team. So many tenders and proposals start with the same old introduction. Grab their attention straight away by clarifying what makes you different.

Introduce yourself. 

Summarising your relevant background will give a company a good indication of who they are dealing with. Include certain events or projects you have been involved in. Also, be sure to offer a brief summary of your field if the sponsor isn’t already part of the industry. For example, a sports water company may know not much about kiteboarding.

Highlight your goals and achievements. 

This is a no-brainer. Businesses want proof you can accomplish set tasks and look for longevity in their relationship with you. Convince them not only that you are a star, but also that you still have a lot to achieve and will always push to succeed.

Explain what’s in it for them.

This is absolutely crucial. Businesses want to know why choosing you will benefit their company.