Collectively, we have defined five core values that drive us, motivate us, and demonstrate what we aspire to be. Not only do these values contribute to our workplace culture, they also underpin how we do the work we do, and why we do it.


At Avion, there’s no such thing as left-brain, right-brain divide. We believe that every project can benefit from our strategic and creative insights.

Creativity isn’t just about coming up with outlandish copy. At Avion, we believe in taking outside-the-box approaches to everything we do. Every client/project is different, we craft unique solutions that address particular needs, always on the pulse to see what’s new and how we can apply innovative ideas. That includes thinking up new and impressive ways to engage our clients.


From how we treat our clients to the content we create, we aspire to ensure the world is a fairer, more accessible place for everyone.

We don’t just believe in equality and fairness, we actively seek to make the world a fairer place. We’re advocates for accessibility across everything we do, ensuring that people of all abilities can access our content. We also acknowledge our clients’ unique circumstances when quoting for projects – especially NFP clients.

People drive us at Avion – from focusing on usability to working with stakeholders. That’s how we create content people love, understanding how people use our sites and working with people to get better outcomes for everyone involved.


Avion works hard, plays hard. We always get our work done on deadline and to a high standard, without sacrificing work–life balance. It’s about working hard and working smart.

Hard work and resilience is what Avion is built on. Back during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Natalie Khoo, Avion’s founder, saw a job-scarce economy and turned it into an opportunity. Through hard work, she managed to create a win-win for her and her clients. Now, we’ve built a culture of hard work and resilience to maximise our productivity and get better results for our clients.

Hard work doesn’t mean sacrificing work-life balance. We constantly strive to work smarter, so we can maximise productivity and get out the door by 5.30pm.


Kind to the planet, to each other and especially to our clients. Working kindly means we think about the bigger picture before we act – and always do so with compassion.

Kindness, consideration and compassion can be found in droves in the Avion office. That’s why we’re so valued and appreciated by our customers (and why they keep coming back again, and again and again!). Because we take the time to really understand what our customers need, we deliver better, more strategic results.

We’re also kind to each other. We foster a supportive team environment and know when to get in the trenches and help each other out.


When you work with Avion, you can trust your copywriters to be clear, open and honest – no matter what.

We’re not an ad agency that relies to smoke and mirrors to wow people. We’re down-to-earth and say things how they are, with a positive mindset, while always striving for the best possible solutions.

Transparent means we’re totally clear and open about everything we do. That means getting our team members across our work at team meetings and letting our clients know where work is at – even on the rare occasion when things go a little pear shaped. By flagging problems with each other early, we prevent catastrophes from happening.