Top performing workshops

Our top performing workshops are designed to enhance your brand, connect with your customers, clarify your tone of voice, and develop your long-term content strategy.

Discovery workshop

This workshop is the perfect starting point if you’re looking to take a deep-dive into your business purpose and identity.…
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How to connect with your customers

Connecting with your audience is the cornerstone of business success. In this workshop we explore your customers’ personalities and journeys,…
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Your voice in action

In this workshop we’ll work to define your values and determine how to best communicate them confidently and effectively. You’ll…
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Plan your strategy

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for new life in your content and approach, our Plan your strategy…
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Specialty workshops

We know your time is precious, which is why we’ve designed our specialty workshops to work around your timeframes and team obligations. We can also customise workshops based on your needs.

Our digital workshops cover the latest trends in digital content marketing and best practice technical skills to write effectively for the web and transform your content.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation projects can be difficult to first approach. Our workshops empower you to analyse gaps, opportunities and processes that span various content types and channels. You’ll walk away with a roadmap that effectively turns old content into new.

Investment: POA + GST

Chatbots and conversation design

Hey Google, can you organise someone to help me with my chatbot? This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to enter the world of conversation design. Our chatbot expert will work with you to understand how it can benefit your business and what you need to get started on a persona. 

Investment: POA + GST

Writing for the web 

Our writing for the web workshop is perfect for communication superstars looking to upskill. Honing in on important topics like readability and accessibility, we’ll turn your internal teams into web writing experts with the confidence to put best practice technical skills to the test.

Investment: POA + GST

In our educational workshops we pass on our expert knowledge, so you and your team are equipped to take on your next content or marketing project with confidence.

Content auditing

Need a refresh of your content but don’t know where to start? Never fear, our content auditors are here! In this workshop, we’ll take your through the ins and outs of identifying what to keep, rewrite, delete and why. We’ll even help you get started on auditing your content. 

Investment: POA + GST

How to build a stellar LinkedIn profile

Making an impact on LinkedIn can make a big difference to both your employees and your business as a whole. During this workshop, we work with you to highlight ways your team can create a strong LinkedIn presence that leads to success. 

Investment: POA + GST

All about personalisation

Personalised content is the next must-have. If you want to identify personalisation strategies (beyond simply segmenting your database) that will help you create a uniquely powerful connection with your customers, this workshop is for you.

Investment: POA + GST 

Avion roadshow

We love big tech events and exciting new advancements that impact the content sphere. It’s only fair that we take our findings on the road with us, and present a workshop that explains how these changes impact you and your industry.

Investment: POA + GST

Our project workshops are focused on getting things done. If you need extra hands on deck to meet that deadline, create a pivotal proposal or work with stakeholders, we’ll be there in a flash.

Project doctor

Has a project fallen off the rails? Are you feeling stretched beyond your capabilities? Time to call the project doctor! In this workshop, we’ll work directly with your team to problem solve and deliver what needs to be done.

Investment: POA + GST

Tender boilerplate content

Writing for tenders can consume your precious time and resources. Our tender workshop will help identify winning responses that put your business in front. The result? A faster tender writing process that’s less laborious and laser focused.

Investment: POA + GST 

Stakeholder discovery

Looking for someone to take the reins with your stakeholders? We do the digging so you don’t have to. Our content experts love working face-to-face with your important people to question the status quo, collate content and solve problems. 

Investment: POA + GST

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